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Educational aims

Internships on the Degree in Law were put in place with the aim of completing the training of future professionals so that they acquire the abilities and skills that enable them to practise the professions related to the Degree.

To achieve these objectives, the internship programme is designed so that students acquire a number of generic skills, such as the ability to manage information properly, engage in lifelong learning and adapt to new circumstances.

Furthermore, this internship programme should enable students to attain the following specific skills:

  • The ability to understand the general nature of the legal system and to analyse it from an interdisciplinary perspective.

  • The ability to identify and interpret the background of the law.

  • The ability to give advice on possible responses to a legal problem in different contexts, and to design strategies to address different situations.

  • The ability to draft legal documents of different types.

To carry out these internships, the Faculty of Law and Economics has signed agreements with various private entities and public institutions, such as law firms, notaries, registries and public administrations related to the justice system.