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Why study?

The strong and deep-rooted tradition in Lleida of law courses goes towards explaining why the University of Lleida runs a Degree in Law.

In a world in which universities must respond to the demands of a society in constant change and, at the same time, be able to embrace knowledge in all its dimensions, the Faculty of Law and Economics has drawn up a curriculum with two objectives in mind. Firstly, it aims to guarantee that the University’s knowledge and traditions continue and are updated in order to continue to offer a specific intellectual, scientific and human experience. Secondly, it aims to respond in a flexible manner in order to implement teaching methods that reflect the demands of society.

The curriculum of the Degree in Law is the result of a process that began with the implementation of a strategic plan drawn up by the Faculty in Law and Economics. In the framework of this strategic plan, an analysis of the social and economic environment was conducted in order to identify the various professional profiles of future graduates.

One of the greatest advantages of the curriculum is that subjects are coordinated to ensure that students receive basic grounding in the field and that content is not duplicated from one subject to another. Furthermore, students are encouraged to play an active role in their education, rather than simply being passive agents in the learning process.

The Degree in Law enables graduates to work in the following fields:

  • Legal practices as barristers or solicitors, once the corresponding Master’s Degree has been completed.
  • Legal consultants and advisers to public institutions and private companies.
  • Graduates will also be able to take part in public tenders that lead to the practice of the following professions: notary, registrar, civil servant in the justice system, civil servant in the public administration and international organisations.

Recommended admission profile

The Law Degree is addressed to students with a profile containing certain features, characteristics, interests or concerns. In particular

  1. Capacity to understand, analyze and argue allowing her to comprehend the legal science and its subsequent application
  2. Suitable development of oral and written expression, so that she can interrelate with the sum of human factors active in the field of law
  3. Interest in exercising any of the jobs, tenures or professions related to Law. It has to be borne in mind that we face a basic science allowing the exercises of a variety of professional activities.